Livin up dat Lyfe in Okinawa, Japan (little island rock) Always finding a way to get into mischief and exploring out on MISADVENTURES. P.S. You should follow me because my AWESOME will rub off on to you. That's exactly it. Nothing else.
A Little Extra About Mez:
I LOVE cats. Favorite color is GREEN. I'm in COLLEGE. Favorite cat is JIJI (from Kiki's delivery service; yeah, that was my SHOW)!! I have a very caring boyfriend. I love my cat Ichiru. I'm also a christian girl :3 and I lurb answering dem questions ya gotz for mez :D ALSOZ This blog is about one thing: What I Like. I like lots of funny stuff I stumble upon; Somethings get dramatic. I'll reblog things that are similar to how I feel or how the day went. I don't post much things from myself.